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  • Ten years to clear Title Deed backlog

    Ten years to clear Title Deed backlog

    At the current rate of Title Deed issuance it would take approximately ten years to address the backlog according to the spring 2017 issue of the European Commission’s Post-Programme Surveillance Report on Cyprus.

  • Limassol upcoming skyline fears

    Limassol upcoming skyline fears

    Limassol’s construction ambitions are rising vertically, but many argue that the new high-rise buildings are unsightly and clutter the landscape, but it seems that the problems are far more serious.

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  • Contract signed for Cyprus casino resort

    Contract signed for Cyprus casino resort

    Earlier today a landmark deal for Europe's largest casino was signed between the gaming authority and the Melco Hard Rock consortium at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia...
  • Reprieve for trapped buyers

    Reprieve for trapped buyers

    The Cyprus government has vowed to continue issuing Title Deeds to trapped buyers despite the recent court rulings that left them in legal limbo according to a report in the Cyprus Weekly...
  • How many trapped buyers?

    How many trapped buyers?

    Earlier today the Greek language newspaper Χαραυγή (Daybreak) published statistics on the number of trapped buyers unable to get their Title Deeds because of various unpaid developer debts...

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