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  • Doubts over new moves on Title Deeds

    Doubts over new moves on Title Deeds

    Questions remain over how the gentlemen’s agreement enabling ‘trapped buyers’ to get the Title Deeds to properties they purchased and paid for in good faith will work in practice; the Association of Cyprus Banks has yet to respond.

  • Trapped buyers breakthrough

    Trapped buyers breakthrough

    It appears that a gentlemen’s agreement has been reached enabling trapped buyers who were duped by nefarious developers and lawyers into buying property on land that the developer had earlier mortgaged to get their Title Deeds.

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  • High-rise not needed in Paphos

    High-rise not needed in Paphos

    Following last week's news that applications had been received for ten high-rise developments in Paphos, a 500 strong 'Movement to Save Paphos' group says there is no need for such construction in the District...
  • Paphos marina contract awarded

    Paphos marina contract awarded

    The contract to build the long-anticipated Paphos marina has been awarded to Pafilia by the 'new' Marina Management Committee, which was appointed in March to examine documents submitted as part of the marina tender process...
  • High-rise developments coming to Paphos

    High-rise developments coming to Paphos

    The Paphos Municipality has given the green light for the construction of two twenty storey high-rise buildings in the tourist area of the town on land close to the Aloe Hotel on Poseidonos Avenue...

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